Staging/Redesign Consultation

A consultation will begin at the curb and continue through each room in your home, viewing the space through the eyes of the buyer.  We will discuss first impressions, de-personalization, de-cluttering, furniture editing & placement, and lighting.   We will prepare a quote for hands-on staging using the home owners furniture and accessories and will also include recommendations on new/rental furniture and/or purchasing new accessories to complete the look.
We will discuss your home’s best features, as well as trouble spots.  We will give you simple remedies, projects and enhancement instructions in priority order that you can complete in a time frame that is comfortable to you. Homeowners and realtors are encouraged to take notes during the session.

  • (1-2 hour consultation - $150.00)

Occupied Home Staging

You won't believe the difference a day of staging/redesign can make!  Expert design and hands-on staging will make a dramatic transformation of your home. We will arrange and edit these areas to show off their best features and play down the trouble spots.  The hands-on staging includes clutter elimination, some organizing, furniture layout and accessory updating.  We can provide temporary furniture, artwork, lighting, and accessories as needed to maximize your staging.  This will be discussed and decided upon during your initial consultation.

  • (Pricing will vary depending on how much time is needed for the staging project)

Vacant Home Staging

When you are ready to get your home staged and want the best, Cottonwood Creek Staging is who to call.  We go above and beyond to add those special touches and use quality furnistings...not just a rental company furniture feeling.  Empty homes feel cold and barren - staging creates a lifestyle that the target buyer aspires to have.    The main rooms generally staged are the foyer, formal living and dining rooms, family room, kitchen, breakfast area, master bedroom and master bath.   Other rooms can be added if there is something special about the area such as a patio, bar area, sunroom, etc.  We carry a large inventory of furniture and accessories and will purchase items to use specifically for the style of the home we are staging if necessary.

  • (Prices depend on the number of rooms staged, the square footage and most importantly the style and layout of the house.  Walk-throughs and quotes are FREE.)


Personal Shopping

After our initial consultation, we will lay out a design plan for you and this may include items that we recommend purchasing.  We can purchase those items for you for a fee.   Shopping can be done with or without the client.

  • ($75 per hour)  ​


Sometimes moving into a new home can be overwhelming.   With the excitement of being in your new space, next comes the challenge of where to put things and how to best utilize the space.  Let us schedule a consultation to get an overview of the space available and what items need to be organized.  Once we "asses the mess" we can then work with you to maximize available storage, eliminate the clutter and find the system the best suites your needs.  We want to make your life simpler and keep you excited about your home!​ 

  • ($75 per hour)


Are you ready to move but don't know where or how to start purging items and packing the things you need to take with you?  Let us help you figure it out!   

  • ($75 per hour)